Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Grinch for All Occasions

In Whoville one day, in October or so,

At the library, where all the hippest Whos go,

The librarians informed all the patrons and Whos

That in only three weeks all their books would be due,

And librarian Tori was ecstatic that day,

For, you see, Halloween was just three weeks away.


“Halloween’s almost here!” Tori squealed with delight.

“We can dress up in costumes and stay up all night!

We’ll eat pumpkin spice chocolates and pet the black cats

And stream purple streamers from our pointy witch hats!

With hay rides and hauntings and pumpkin d├ęcor,

Halloween is a treasure I simply adore!”


She smiled at the patrons and spread her good cheer

Until just after lunch when two Grinches appeared.


After giving the library a cursory look,

They came to the desk with their stacks of good books


And librarian Tori, who checked them out neatly,

Passed them their stacks and she smiled at them sweetly.

She told them “These books are all due Halloween.”


The Grinch wife sneered sourly. “What’s that s’posed to mean?”


“Isn’t this America?” the Grinch husband spat.


“That’s Satan’s high holiday. We don’t celebrate that.”


“Nevertheless,” Tori said as she smiled at the two,

“That is the day all your books will be due.”


The Grinches stormed out, both hateful and dour

While the little librarian seethed for an hour.

And although she recovered her cheerfulness later,

She would never forget this Grinchy behavior,

For there was something about it that bugged her by inches:

“These people,” she thought, “didn’t have to be Grinches…”

Each day we’ve a choice to be Grinchy or not,

And some people don’t always choose as they ought.

We’re surrounded by Grinches no matter the season,

When people act Grinchy for any old reason!


It’s not just at Christmas that Grinches are found:

Grinches are everywhere, all the year ‘round.

When people are smiling and in a good mood,

It’s just downright Grinchy to say something rude,

Regardless of what you might think or believe

About Halloween, Valentines, or next New Year’s Eve.


If you’re out and you hear “Happy Holidays” said

But you think “Merry Christmas” should be uttered instead,

(likewise if you feel the reverse to be true),

Get over it! Don’t to be a Grinch to those Whos!

No one deserves to be treated unfairly

When their greetings, at heart, were both “happy” and “merry”.


It's possible you might feel Grinchy sometimes,

When you're paying the bills or you're standing in line

At the DMV or at some other place, 

And it's tough at such times to keep a smile on your face,

But unless your heart is two sizes too small, 

Don't be a Grinch! There's no need at all!

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