Monday, January 24, 2011

Fantasy teaches us that good always triumphs over evil...

Even if the odds seem impossible.
The Lord of the Rings, by JRR Tolkien

For a given value of good and evil.
His Dark Materials trilogy, by Philip Pullman

If you look at it philosophically.
The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis

No matter how many times it comes back.
The Final Fantasy series, by SquareEnix

So let’s all have cherries jubilee.
The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, by Patricia C. Wrede

If you have the right dice.
Dungeons and Dragons

Because that’s what heroes are for.
The Last Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle

Because it’s a million to one chance, so it might just work.
The Discworld Series, by Terry Pratchett

If you play your cards right.
Magic: The Gathering, CTCG

If everybody works together for it.
The Chronicles of Prydain, by Lloyd Alexander

But you might have to wait a long time for it.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, 1997
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, 2007

Even if you don’t live to see it.
Robert Jordan, 1948-2007, Author of the first 11 books of the Wheel of Time.

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